"The premier Interior Designing Institute of Rajasthan"
   Rajasthan is a State Rich in Arts, Architecture, Buildings, Culture, Traditions, Town Planning and Other Related Activities. Growing urban areas in all district head quarters shows the changing life style of people. Diversion from villages to cities is also increasing. Jaipur has become fastest growing city in northern India. Business and trade of its traditional items such as precious and semi precious stones, sanganeri clothes, paper, painting and handicrafts has doubled its export market.
Deriving all the western trends, PinkCity or Jaipur has maintained it’s cultured “look “which has been renovated by its young and innovative architects and designers in to a heritage city. This revolutionary change has made architects and interior designers in great demand. But sadly Rajasthan does not have any school of interior designing to fulfill its requirement of interior designers.
Large construction projects attract outside architects but after completion of/Building they don't take interest in interiors of buildings. In Jaipur from last few years as urban area is developing and city area is converted in commercial use so this change really requires good professionals for new buildings and old to new face lift, renovation arid redesign. So particularly in Jaipur and others parts of Rajasthan there is a great demand of interior designers for residences, hotels; offices, shops showrooms, banks and other type of buildings. Due to this lackness of interior designers people are hiring architects even to design their residences as well as commercial interiors. So many architects are working in Rajasthan but they are not interested in small interior projects so this creates a lot of requisition for interior designers. "Academy of Interior Design" will be a step towards the solution of this problem. The aim to establish this academy is to create professional interior designers of national repute.
 "TEMPLE" In red Stone 
Ar. Arun Kasumbiwal
Design by -Arun Associates & Architects
Courses : Professional Diploma/Degree Level For 10+2
2 Year Course In Interior Design & Management 
3 Year Course In Interior Design & Vastu
2 Year Course In Interior Design & Vastu
Job Oriented Courses after Graduation
• Diploma In Interior Design & Vastu 1 Year
• Diploma In Interior Design & Vastu 1 Year
• Diploma In Auto-Cad 2d,3d Design 1Year
• Diploma In Real Estate Marketing Management 1Year
• Diploma In Construction Management 1 Year
• Diploma In Heritage Buildings Conservation 1Year
• 2 Year Course In Interior Design & Vastu
Special coaching For Students Of Class 10,11&12th

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